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August 2012
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This is the very first episode of "Sugar & Spice" a trans-centric advice podcast hosted by Jen Richards and Bailey Jay.

This episode was pre-recorded on October 31st with in-studio musical guest, Namoli Brennet.

These three women discuss: Narcissism, their transition, coming out as trans, and much much more.

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In this week's episode you can listen to Bailey panic and vamp for her life while she does the show with no guests and no tech engineer while also playing some awesomely talented transgender musicians such as: Mina Caputo, Namoli Brennet, and Eli Conley. Bailey also reads sections of the fabulous book by Kate Bornstein, "Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks, And Other Outlaws."

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Bailey welcomes back Tobi Hill-Meyer! They discuss Tobi's future eneavors, her progress with her documentary "Doing It Again: In-Depth" and the ups and downs inside the trans community.

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After a long two weeks, Bailey is back with a new episode of Third Gender Radio! And who better to have on the show again than the one and only Jen Richards of WeHappyTrans!? Bailey and Jen discuss their future projects (including the ones they plan on doing together.)As always they touch on all of life's many topics such as: race, gender, sex, and the delicate balancing act of showing all social groups their due respect while aso attempting to have some sense of humor. Enjoy.

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Bailey has a conversation with the Jen Richards of WWW.WeHappyTrans.Com These two women discuss the ususal: gender, sex, and life. Jen talks about some of her trans-role models and reccomends some literature.

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Bailey welcomes back the very first guest on Third Gender Radio, Annika Penelope! They dicuss religion, gender, hormone therapy, and much much more. Bailey also talks about the new book "The New Transsexuals: The Next Step In Human Evolution." By George Petros

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Bailey has an intimate conversation with yet another transhender role model, Tobi Hil-Meyer. They discuss same sex parents, transitioning, insecurities, the negative effects of hormone replacement therapy and also: Tobi's kickstarter campain for her project on the relationships of trans-people "Doing It Again: In Depth" found HERE.

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Bailey has a very candid conversation with her friend, David. They discuss human sexuality, gender politics, transgenderism in Iran, prematurely greying hair, anxiety, panic attacks, crysta meth's impact on the gay community, and most importantly: Bailey's love for gay porn and black men.

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Bailey has a in-depth and informative conversation with late night socialite Dina Delicious.

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Bailey has an in-depth and spiritually fullfilling conversation with the glowing goddess of light and love that is Mina Caputo. Mina is a transgendered musician, formerly of the band Life of Agony. Her journey to womanhood was as special and interesting as she is.

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Bailey Jay has an in depth, fascinating, and often funny conversation with Transgender pioneer, Buck Angel.

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The first episode of third gender radio. Bailey discusses transgender issues, answers letters from TS in need of advice, plays music by transgender artist Mina Caputo, and interviews Annika.

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