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July 2018
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On this week's episode of Sugar&Spice The gals discuss:

-Their deep hatred for one another

-Bailey's desire for a chromosome test

-Eating healthy

-Jen has a crush

-Voice training, and surgery

-Not feeling sorry for yourself no matter when you started your transition

-Finding your healthy amount of delusion 

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This week..

-DJ Monika MHz hangs out.

-The gang takes some messages from The Trans Advice Line.

-Michfest has a very ignorant view on transgender women.

-Bailey potentially offends: Michigan, Flordia, West VA, "lady cops", women in general, and the people of Saudi Arabia.


-Monika talks a bit about her book.

-Jen is still a hoochie.

-Bailey can't find her e-cigarette and tries not throw herself from a window

-Bailey talks about her boobs (yes, again.)

-Jen discusses trabsitioning at work.

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On this week's Episode:

-The beautiful and brilliant Angelica Ross hangs out with Bailey and Jen for over 2 hours!

-Trans news

-Big Dildos

- "Hey anal beads!"

-Messages from the Trans Advice Line

-Tales of Jen's dating disasters

-Bailey admits she is an attention whore (finally) (jk) (but she is)

-First time out presenting as female

-Jen has an orgasm (like everyday)

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On this week's episode Bailey and Jen:

-Hangout with Shadi Petosky

-Discuss LA, going to the DMV while trans, the arrest of a TG woman, confidence, feeling "trans enough", the good side to aging while trans, outdated gender psychology practices, being a negative Nancy, and cross dressers.

-Listen to music by Rae Spoon

-Take messages from The Sugar & Spice Trans Advice Line

-Assign homework

*****Share your opinions or ask for advice by calling the Sugar&Spice Trans-Advice Line and leave us a message!******


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You all demanded it and here it is, Bailey and Jen are back! After falling off of the face of the planet for 6 months, your Trans-sisters Jen Richards and Bailey Jay return with Sugar and Spice! In this episode your hosts chat about current trans-related news stories, the differnt corners of the TG community, The Trans 100, racial tension, and even take a couple messages from The Sugar and Spice Trans-Advise line where Bailey and Jen talk about their thoughts on "knowing you're trans enough" and not losing your funny bone when you start living your authentic life.

All future episodes will be posted every Friday night, so follow us on Twitter to be kept in the loop

@SmartAssJen and @BaileyJayShow.

Need Trans-related advice?

***** Be sure to leave a message for us of the "Sugar & Spice Trans-Advice Line"*****


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This is the very first episode of "Sugar & Spice" a trans-centric advice podcast hosted by Jen Richards and Bailey Jay.

This episode was pre-recorded on October 31st with in-studio musical guest, Namoli Brennet.

These three women discuss: Narcissism, their transition, coming out as trans, and much much more.

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In this week's episode you can listen to Bailey panic and vamp for her life while she does the show with no guests and no tech engineer while also playing some awesomely talented transgender musicians such as: Mina Caputo, Namoli Brennet, and Eli Conley. Bailey also reads sections of the fabulous book by Kate Bornstein, "Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks, And Other Outlaws."

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Bailey welcomes back Tobi Hill-Meyer! They discuss Tobi's future eneavors, her progress with her documentary "Doing It Again: In-Depth" and the ups and downs inside the trans community.

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After a long two weeks, Bailey is back with a new episode of Third Gender Radio! And who better to have on the show again than the one and only Jen Richards of WeHappyTrans!? Bailey and Jen discuss their future projects (including the ones they plan on doing together.)As always they touch on all of life's many topics such as: race, gender, sex, and the delicate balancing act of showing all social groups their due respect while aso attempting to have some sense of humor. Enjoy.

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